Get KlasCement to your school: course presenting hints and tips

Invite KlasCement and its site for languages in your school and learn the ropes!

KlasCement offers an interactive, practical and interesting presentation or workshop about this Flemish portal and its site for languages and education. You learn how to find resources faster and you discover new projects. Even those who think they know KlasCement well, will learn new things.


1. Presentation KC and the site for languages: 50 minutes - Unlimited number of participants


  • Short introduction on KlasCement. What? Who? Objectives. Target group.
  • How does KlasCement work? Quality, newsletters, copyright etc.
  • How do you make use of the site for languages? Search possibilities, adding contributions, forum, etc.
  • What can you find on KlasCement and on the site for languages? Lesson plans, tips for your practice, projects, colleagues etc.

Suitable for a personnel meeting or a pedagogical day of study.

Infrastructure: projector and internet. We bring the laptop - if necessary the projector as well.

2. Workshop KC and the site for languages: ideally 3 hours (15' break), at least 2 hours (no break) - Limited to 25 participants

Content similar to the presentation, but with hands on sessions.

  • Registrate, log in, change profile, personal preferences etc.
  • Find resources for your class practice.
  • Download and share educative resources
  • Communicate via KlasCement; internal messages, forum
  • Tips and tricks an average user seldom knows.

This is a practical session with individual guidance (one participant for one computer). Suitable as training session (in or out of school hours) or on a pedagogical day of study.

Infrastructure: a computer room with projection and a fast internet connection.

Price: € 90 / hour + € 90 fixed sum (VAT, transport, prints etc.) 

Example 1: Workshop of 3 hours: 3*90 + 90 = € 360
Example 2: Presentation of 1 hour: 1*90 + 90 = € 180

If you need extra laptops in order to have a computer for each participant, we can provide you with them under the conditions mentioned on, an initiative of EduCentrum vzw.


Are you interested or have you got questions?

  • Mail Pascal Craeye or call him: +32 (0)2 55 392 96 .
  • Ask for a training course now and fill in the form. We will send you a confirmation and some two weeks before the course you will receive all practical information.