What is ICT goals?

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ICT goals

ICT competences for everyone

The social context calls for a specific interpretation of ICT competence. The introduction of ICT competences by way of cross-curriculum final objectives and developmental objectives provides an answer to this social demand, outlining what is expected from educational establishments on the ICT front. This does not lead to the standardisation of ICT activities in schools. It is up to the educational establishments to assign an ICT status consistent with the personal approach to what constitutes effective education, as provided for in the school development plan and the educational project. The ICT integration process is the responsibility not just of the individual teacher but of the entire school team. A strategic and structured approach to ICT policy ensures a gradual and effective integration of ICT throughout basic education.

The education system also has to offer competences that enable learners to undertake specific tasks effectively on the basis of ICT in the future and outside educational establishments. This is underpinned by a number of intricate (metacognitive) skills and attitudes, such as developing a positive attitude towards ICT, being willing to use ICT for problem-solving, adopting a discerning and conscious position on ICT as a social phenomenon, etc. The gradual development of these high-order skills enables learner to reflect them in situations outside the formal learning context, i.e. they are prepared to be able to cope in a world that is increasingly inundated with ICT applications.

ICT competence may be described as the ability to deploy ICT knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes creatively, in the light of the specific, daily and changing learning and working environment and on the basis of personal development and social participation. What are the ICT competences every pupil, course participant and student has to have?

source: Competencies for the knowledge society 2007-2009 (pdf, 43 p.)

The subject and/or cross-curriculum ICT-related final objectives developed for education