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The special education site contains content for those who look for information and resources for youngsters with special needs.
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Everyone counts

Leerzorg (Special education) is a website for teachers who work with children and adolescents with special needs or learning disabilities.

On this site we collect resources that are specifically designed to be used with children and adolescents with special needs. Contributions that were not specifically designed for this target group, but that have an obvious added value can be found as well. Examples: explicit differentiation, strong visualisation, step by step planning, etc.

We also announce refresher courses and other calendar items concerning teachers who work with the target group. On Leerzorg (Special needs) one can also find instances of good practice, introductions to projects, etc.

For children and adolescents with special needs, computer use and specially adapted software are a must for the realisation of their learning potential. It allows them to receive training adjusted to their talents and capacities.