The Educational Resources Network KlasCement is managed by the Division Communication of the Department of Education and Training.

What does KlasCement offer?

Anything that was designed for use in education can be added to KlasCement. Teachers share resources they have made themselves and organizations add material that is intended for the educational sector or they announce their initiative on KlasCement.

The moderators of KlasCement have a look at every resource and decide on its admission on the basis of clear admission and quality criteria. An overview of the types of resources on KlasCement (in Dutch).

Help website of KlasCement with quick guidelines, information for organizations etc. (in Dutch).

The Mission of KlasCement

KlasCement enriches and facilitates the educational practice of every teacher by means of a network of connected teachers and their resources.

The Vision of KlasCement

KlasCement offers a professionally managed digital network for users and suppliers to share educational resources. KlasCement makes the validated resources (open or not) available according to international standards. KlasCement connects those involved in education and offers them the possibility of mutual contacts thanks to personal profiles. KlasCement is expertly maintained and developed in order to fulfil the changing expectations of the world of education. KlasCement is embedded in the education of today and communicates horizontally.

KlasCement strives to be the network of reference for teachers*, educational institutions and organizations that:

  • search for inspiration and resources for their daily practice and professionalization;
  • share inspiration and resources;
  • also focus on remedial, adaptive, interactive, differentiating, innovative teaching;
  • want to network and strengthen one another.

KlasCement stimulates the willingness to share and to respect the singularity, the freedom and the rights of all concerned.

KlasCement enables the authoring of online educational resources and its distribution to learners.

KlasCement wants to be a self-critical organization with maximal readiness to listen and to be connected to the target group.

KlasCement aspires to provide a spur for the Flemish OER policy and the international Open Educational Resources networks.

* Extended to other educational professionals, teacher trainers and a variety of educational coaches.

History of KlasCement

Hans De Four, a teacher of mathematics and informatics in a Dutch school in Belgium, started KlasCement in May 1998. The idea to share educational resources spreads by word of mouth from teacher to teacher and the website grows at a considerable speed. Committed teachers contribute by adding their course or lesson materials, presentations, exercises, software and so on.

Success increases the workload. Volunteers join in to check the resources and from 2002 the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training seconds a teacher for a half-time job with KlasCement. Come 2007, KlasCement boasts more than 20 000 registered members and it is taken on by the non-profit organization EduCentrum. The team expands considerably.

On the first of January 2013 KlasCement is incorporated in the Agency for Educational Communication, which merges in 2014 with the Department of Education and Training. At present KlasCement is one of the teams in the Division Communication.

Member of

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