CLIL Masterclass Bridging Borders: Enhancing Teaching Skills for CLIL Classrooms

Take your CLIL teaching to the next level during this three-day international masterclass for CLIL teachers. Immerse yourself for three days in CLIL didactics that bridge theory and practice, subject content and language, across borders. 

This engaging and enriching masterclass is specifically designed for CLIL teachers. The professional development workshops provide a dynamic platform to exchange ideas, learn innovative strategies and enhance your CLIL teaching skills. Connect with like-minded professionals from around the globe: expand your network and return to your classroom equipped with new ideas and perspectives. 

Get ready for a CLIL boost that will energise you to build bridges and enrich your minds. 

Because of the international nature of this masterclass, English is the language of instruction. Teachers who teach in Languages Other Than English(CLIL LOTE) are also welcome.

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