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Definitions Used

For the purposes of this Privacy Statement the following apply:

  • 'Website': and all its components;
  • 'Information': all the data located on the Website, and that have possibly been uploaded by a Registered Member, including, but not limited to: photos, pictures, graphs, software, drawings, texts, teaching documents, etc.;
  • 'Use' and 'To Use': viewing, downloading and/or uploading of information on the Website as well as, but not limited to the sending and receiving of emails from and to other Registered Members and the use of the forum of the Website;
  • 'Registered Member' and all its derivative terms: any person who looks at the Website and/or makes others look at it or who uses and/or makes others use the Website and who has previously registered on the Website in order to do so;
  • ’The Department’: The Flemish Community, represented by its government, by delegation, in the person of Ms. Ann Verhaegen, Secretary-General of the Department of Education and Training, situated Koning-Albert II-laan 15 – 1210 Brussel, further called the Department.
  • 'KlasCement Team': the collaborators of the Department who are in charge of the management and development of the Website;
  • 'Privacy Act': the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data.

Registration Process

To register on the Website a valid email address and a password are imperative. Furthermore, you are obliged to fill in and send the following personal data (hereinafter called 'Personal Data') correctly and completely:

  • your own family name and first name (no nicknames or aliases)
  • your town of residence
  • your own educational interests (subjects, educational types and target groups)

A non-binding example with fictitious Personal Data as an illustration:

  • email address:
  • password: musicaltalent
  • De Vos Mia
  • Gent
  • Music, third stage Secondary Artistic Education, teacher


The Department Takes Care of Your Privacy.

When you register on the Website you must put a tick next to the possibility that you explicitly agree with this Privacy Statement as this is a necessary condition to register. When you pass on your Personal Data to the Department, you expressly agree that they will be stored and processed in the databases of the Website, as well as published on the Website and that other Registered Members thus have access to your Personal Data and may possibly Use them, in accordance with the conditions listed below. The Department is responsible for processing according to the Privacy Act.


Your Personal Data will be put to good use on the Website:

  • Membership List: only Registered Members, after logging in, have access to all the information of a user profile:
    • Always filled in:
      • Your family name and first name;
      • Your municipality;
      • Your date of birth (can be hidden);
      • Your professional data (function);
      • Your KlasCement activities;
      • The number of your visits, reactions and contributions;
      • How long you have been a member and how many pages you have visited;
      • How much information you have already filled in in your profile;
      • Whether you have subscribed to KC newsletters;
    • Only if You want to share it:
      • Your photo;
      • Information about yourself;
      • Your other social networks (MSN, Skype, Last.FM, Delicious, Facebook, Twitter,…);
      • Your favourite music, films, sports, books,…;
      • Your personal website;
      • Data about your work (address, job content,…).
    • The goal of the membership list can include, but is not limited to:
      • Offer the possibility of communication among Registered Members;
      • Allow the Department to consult the profiles of Registered Members, and optionally use them concerning educational purposes;
      • As a Registered Member, you have the choice to include or not your email address in this membership list, and you can afterwards change this choice at all times;
      • To check if you are still in compulsory education or of school age.
    • In this context, non-registered members only have access to the following information:
      • Your family name and first name;
      • Your municipality;
      • Your photo;
      • The number of your visits, reactions and contributions;
      • How much information you have already filled in in your profile.
  • Database for Tutors: if you wish you can put yourself up for free to give extra lessons. Your Personal Data and complete address will be added to the database for tutors which is accessible to every visitor of the Website;
  • Added Information: your family name and first name are displayed with each item of Information you add on the Website, so that the Department as well as Registered Members know which Registered Member has added the Information;
  • Email address: the Department is entitled to send information about KlasCement or other educational initiatives to your email address, even when this address is not shown in the membership list. Other Registered Members, however, can only reach you through email when you have given the permission to publish your email address in the membership list.
  • To allow the Department to register the Registered Member, if s/he so wishes, at other websites also managed by the Department, including but not limited to Classy.
  • Activity: data about your search behaviour, the pages you visit, your favourites, ... for optimization of a customisation of the service and communication; and optimisation of the website(s).

The Personal Data you provide the Department during your registration will only be used by the Department to:

  • Post them on the Website as described above;
  • Allow you to Use the Information after your online registration;
  • If desired, give you the possibility to put yourself up for free to give extra lessons by adding your data in the database of tutors;
  • When you have given your prior consent in your user profile, inform you of all kinds of new services of KlasCement or other educational initiatives, among others by emailing you information you might be interested in;
  • When you have given your prior consent in your user profile, send periodical newsletters or other educational initiatives of KlasCement or other websites also managed by the Department, including but not limited to Classy;
  • Improve the management of our Website and the services we can offer you.

We take great care of your Personal Data and are committed to abide by all the Belgian legal regulations concerned, such as those contained in the Privacy Act. Moreover, we will in no case pass your Personal Data on to third parties, unless:

  • You personally and expressly give prior consent (e.g. in the context of extra lessons, see above); or
  • When the Department thinks that your Use of the Website goes against this Privacy Statement, our Terms of Use or other guidelines or good practices and the communication of your Personal Data is, in the opinion of the Department, necessary to protect or safeguard the property and other rights of the Department; or
  • When the Department is required by a judicial or administrative authority to do so.

Moreover, you can at any time and free of charge oppose to further processing of your Personal Data by unsubscribing through the options in your user profile on the Website.
In order to avoid misunderstandings about this, you recognise that third parties may crawl and/or save the Website, so that the Website or parts of it containing your personal data may be displayed in the search results of search engines and/or may be found in a cache or archive without any possibility of control by the Department or the KlasCement Team and that they consequently can not be called to account.

Update or Remove Data

As prescribed by the aforementioned Privacy Act, you always have the right to consult your Personal Data and if necessary adapt them. It goes without saying that you always have the possibility to cancel your registration if you wish to.

You can easily consult and modify your Personal Data by surfing to the personal settings of your user profile on the Website.

You can also stop your membership as Registered Member there. Be careful: from the moment you unsubscribe as a Registered Member, your Personal Data included in your user profile will be erased. However, Information that you have added to the Website and that is not included in your user profile will remain available on the Website, even if you have removed your user profile.

The Website also gives you the option to subscribe to a number of electronic newsletters or to the announcement of new services from the Department and/or third parties. In case you no longer wish to receive these, you can at any time unsubscribe from this service through the options in your user profile on the Website. As a result you will no longer receive electronic newsletters or announcements sent by the Department.

The Registered Member also has the possibility to make his/her email address that was included in the membership list invisible for other Registered Members. Any Registered Member can do this simply through the options in his/her user profile on the Website.

Provisions relating to email exchange

The Use of emails by Registered Members is only allowed in so far it is limited to one-to-one communication between a limited number of Registered Members and only when this Use takes place with constructive goals and without the aim, including but not limited to: to harm, wound, discredit, threaten or insult other Registered Members.

Under no circumstances is a Registered Member allowed to transmit data that contain including but not limited to: unwanted material, viruses or commercials.

For more information about this we refer to our Terms of Use.

Keeping your Personal Data

Your Personal Data are kept by the Department and in this context the Department devotes the same care to them as to safeguard its own confidential information. Your Personal Data are, except when you were included in the database for tutors, not accessible for non-authorised third parties and/or members of the KlasCement Team that have not been authorised, so that they can’t make any use of your Personal Data for the aforementioned purposes. The number of collaborators of the KlasCement Team that have access to your Personal Data is limited to the absolute minimum. Moreover, these collaborators will only use your Personal Data in accordance with the aforementioned objectives. In this way the Department disposes of a strict security policy that makes it possible to avoid unauthorised access and abuse of your Personal Data.

Use of Cookies

The Website collects information about visitors via cookies. We do this in order to conduct reliable statistics and to improve the functions and the responsiveness of the website. More specifically, cookies are used to ensure that you needn’t enter your details again on your next visit, but are, on the contrary, automatically logged in.
If you disable cookies in your browser, the Website can't guarantee a correct operation.


The security of your Personal Data also depends greatly on the password you choose. The Department recommends not to use passwords that are obvious or easy to guess. The Department also wants to draw your attention to the strictly personal character of your password and that you need to abstain from giving your password to any third party. When you connect to the Website from a non-personal computer you need to ensure that you sign out after Use. Given the strictly personal character of your password, you are solely responsible for it and you can’t hold the Department in any way liable for any Use of Information that is inconsistent with this Privacy Statement. You will do well to always log off after Use when you are logged in at a public terminal.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

The Department reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Statement from time to time. In this case, the Department will inform the Registered Member with a prominent notice posted on the Website. It is your responsibility to regularly check if you are acquainted with the latest version of the Privacy Statement. If you continue to use the Website after the date of a change, the Department assumes that you have taken note of the revised Privacy Statement and that you expressly agree to the terms contained in it.

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