Ladybug Leaf

Foto Toegevoegd door Rui Silva op 07.04.2010

This virtual manipulative provides an environment similar to the Logo programming environment that allows you to create, try out, and revise plans (programs). This resource�is especially geared towards learning mathematics, especially geometry, but also for the laterality and programming.

The purpose of this manipulative, and its companion, "Ladybug Maze," is to let students make a plan (a program) for the ladybug to follow. It is intended as an informal introduction to the ideas behind computer programming, without any of the complications of computer language or syntax. The actions available to the ladybug are very simple: forward steps, and turns. The user sets the number of steps forward or the direction and amount of turning by clicking on the appropriate icons. Each step is recorded in a plan window, so that the student has to visualize what the steps mean in terms of movement of the ladybug.

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