Everything about sexting: Dossier

It is no understatement to say that sexting, the contraction of sex and texting , is increasingly becoming a hot topic, both online and offline.

There is nothing wrong with sexting in itself. It is even a normal part of the sexual development of young people and fits within healthy experimental behavior in discovering and exploring sexuality, wishes and boundaries. As long as it concerns the voluntary exchange of images or messages and within an atmosphere of mutual trust, of course. But in some cases things go wrong. And when it goes wrong, it goes terribly wrong.

That is why Child Focus, Sensoa, Jong & Van Zin, Mediawijs & Theatergezelschap O'kontreir joined forces to provide (supervisors of) young people and their immediate environment with the best possible assistance in preventing or tackling sexting that has gone wrong.

This website bundles a number of insights, research results, tips and tools around sexting.

This website was created in collaboration with the following organizations, among others:

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