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6018 educational resources at KlasCement

Science @ Movies: Scientific videos

Logo Added by STEM-coördinatie Associatie KU Leuven, KU Leuven - Website
Last edited on 16.10.2018

Short films by the Faculty of Sciences KU Leuven about:

  • Science is everywhere;
  • Science and Diversity;
  • Science and its Researchers;
  • Future Science.

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OneSided : Using one-sided statistical significance tests

Added by George Georgiev - Website
Last edited on 16.10.2018

Project OneSided is a contained argument for the use of one-sided statistical significance tests and confidence intervals.

It is a good educational resource for those wanting to learn about statistical hypothesis testing, what is a null hypothesis …

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Language tools: Detailed chips

photo Added by Leen Bruijneel - Website
Last edited on 15.10.2018

Site with magic cards for language tools, written by pedagogical supervisor Wim Pectoor.

Conveniently, you can filter by skill. You will then receive an overview of the available magic chips. When you click on a token you get an overview of the …

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Thomas More Fablab

photo Added by Inge De Cleyn - Website
Last edited on 11.10.2018

Thomas More teacher training in Mechelen has a Fablab. This stands for FABrication LABoratory and is therefore a DIY lab, a high-tech workshop that is accessible to everyone. The Junior FABLAB from Thomas More is geared to education and targets a …

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Extraordinary tips for ordinary primary education

photo Added by Karen Colpaert - Website
Last edited on 11.10.2018

The M-decree requires reasonable adjustments for pupils with specific educational needs. But how do you do that?

This website helps you on your way with concrete tips and useful material.

You will find:

  • tips for looking at children differently …

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The ride: Game about respect for public transport

photo Added by Tinne Verhaert - Website
Last edited on 10.10.2018

Do you think you know how to treat the bus, the tram and each other with respect? Then play the game.

In this game you have to recognize and indicate as many incorrect situations as possible for 30 seconds.

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Design in the classroom: STEM activities

photo Added by Els Teerlinck - Website
Last edited on 09.10.2018

On this website you will find ready-to-use STEM activities.

A selection from the connected activities:

  • how do you get water from one place to another,
  • make a water animal that can stay on the water,
  • think of ideas to measure the wind,
  • how can …

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Flippity: Creating interactive teaching materials

photo Added by Eva Lemaitre - Website
Last edited on 15.10.2018

On Flippity you will find all kinds of Google Spreadsheet templates that you can use to make flashcards, quizzes, a random name picker, name cards, bingo cards, hangman .... This tool is very user-friendly and not time-consuming.

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CAD models: Examples of models

photo Added by Robin De Jaeger - Website
Last edited on 09.10.2018

This website offers various CAD models that can be downloaded free of charge (under registration), to be able to import them into drawing programs (eg SolidWorks, Panda3D, Spaceclaim ...)

Examples of models can be:

Engines (with correct type etc.) …

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Miss Liesbeth: Website with work sheets

Added by liesbeth Braam - Website
Last edited on 09.10.2018

Through this website you can download a lot of work sheets and games.

A selection from the offer:

  • addition and subtraction to 10,
  • money count,
  • divide,
  • math games,
  • language games,
  • technical reading,
  • creative writing,
  • technology, science and …

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