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For the purposes of this Privacy Statement the following apply:

  • “Website": and all its components;
  • "Information": all data located on the Website, including, but not limited to: photos, pictures, graphs, teaching documents, links to educational sites, software, drawings, text etc;
  • “Use” and “To Use”: viewing, downloading of information on the Website;
  • “User” and all its derivative terms: any person who looks at the Website and/or makes others look at it or who Uses and/or makes others Use the Website;
  • ’The Department’: The Flemish Community, represented by its government, by delegation, in the person of Ms. Ann Verhaegen, Secretary-General of the Department of Education and Training, situated Koning-Albert II-laan 15 – 1210 Brussel, further called the Department.
  • “KlasCement Team”: the collaborators of the Department who are in charge of the management and development of the Website;
  • “Privacy Act”: the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data.


The Department Takes Care of Your Privacy. the Department is responsible for the processing according the Privacy Act.

When you pass on your personal data to the Department, you expressly agree that they will be stored and processed in the databases of the Website, as well as published on the Website and that other Registered Members thus have access to your personal data and may possibly Use them, in accordance with the conditions listed below.


The Personal Data that you may possibly personally convey, will only be processed by the Department to:

  • Allow you to Use Information;
  • Improve the management of our Website and the services we can offer you.

We take great care of your personal data and are committed to abide by all the Belgian legal regulations concerned, such as those contained in the Privacy Act.

Moreover, we will in no case pass your personal data on to third parties, unless:

  • you personally and expressly give prior consent; or
  • when the Department thinks that your Use of the Website goes against this Privacy Statement, our Terms of Use or other guidelines or good practices and the communication of your Personal Data is, in the opinion of the Department, necessary to protect or safeguard the property and other rights of the Department; or
  • when the Department is required by a judicial or administrative authority to do so.

In order to avoid misunderstandings about this, you recognise that third parties may crawl and/or save the Website, so that the Website or parts of it containing your personal data may be displayed in the search results of search engines and/or may be found in a cache or archive without any possibility of control by the Department or the KlasCement Team and that they consequently can not be called to account.

Keeping your Personal Data

Your personal data are kept by v and in this context the Department devotes the same care to them as to safeguard its own confidential information. Your personal data are not accessible for non-authorised third parties and/or members of the KlasCement Team that have not been authorised, so that they can’t make any use of your personal data for the aforementioned purposes. The number of collaborators of the KlasCement Team that have access to your personal data is limited to the absolute minimum. Moreover, these collaborators will only use your personal data in accordance with the aforementioned objectives. In this way the Department disposes of a strict security policy that makes it possible to avoid unauthorised access and abuse of your personal data.

Use of Cookies

The Website collects information about visitors via cookies. We do this in order to conduct reliable statistics and to improve the functions and the responsiveness of the website.
If you disable cookies in your browser, the Website can't guarantee a correct operation.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

The Department reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Statement from time to time. In this case, the Department will inform the User with a prominent notice posted on the Website. It is your responsibility to regularly check if you are acquainted with the latest version of the Privacy Statement. If you continue to use the Website after the date of a change, the Department assumes that you have taken note of the revised Privacy Statement and that you expressly agree to the terms contained in it.

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