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Lesson Study Improve class practice for students together
Lesson Study Improve class practice for students together

Do you want to gear your education even better to your students? Would you like to work as a researcher in your own classroom practice together with your colleagues? Take a look at teaching through a different lens and start with Lesson Study. Lesson Study is a method for self-professionalization, in which you set up a small-scale study in your class in a team of two teachers. You start from a concrete research question and design a research lesson together to improve classroom practice for (a group of) students. You collect data from your students to check whether the intended goal has been achieved.

As a process supervisor, Kathleen Bodvin offers support in completing a Lesson Study. The offer from CNO is aimed at teachers of primary and secondary education. Through 3 plenary sessions supplemented with interim assignments, teams are given the necessary tools to complete a Lesson Study. The training can take place in Antwerp, at school or online.

Feel free to contact Kathleen if you have any questions about Lesson Study.

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